Property Management Certification To Become Property Manager

Property management is not that complex; it is a process developed to handle all of the day to day activities associated with a leased property under your control. The property itself may be owned by the management company or by a third party. The activities of a property manager consist of seeking tenants, collecting the rent, maintaining the building and grounds, and arranging for any necessary repairs, etc.

When an individual makes the decision to take a Real Property Management franchise in his area, he or she is first given property management training. The training, which is given over a span of days, is given in a formal classroom setting and conducted online, via teleconferencing, a webinar, or in a formal conference. During the training, you will be given in-depth instruction on all aspects of the business. The training objective is to show you how to become a property manager, by teaching you all the skills you need in order to succeed. These skills will be taught to you by seasoned professionals who have been introducing franchisees to the intricacies of the property management business for years.

Property Management Training & Fees

As our franchisees operate nationwide, it is a benefit for the owner to get their property management certificate & courses that will keep them abreast of the industry. There are courses available online that teach rental law and finance, as well as useful techniques in regards to managing commercial and residential properties. Franchisees are urged to maintain an up-to-date awareness of property laws that pertain to their franchise area. All property management fees applicable to your initial training are included, but fees for ongoing and further education are the responsibility of the franchisee.